Please find below information for staff and parents on the health and safety practices directly concerned with coronavirus. Our health and safety policy and all other policies remain in place this is an extra additional document to complement the existing policy, whilst we are working within the coronavirus situation.


Hand sanitiser is available throughout the setting please use as and when you would like to.


Please wash your hands very regularly using hot water and soap for the recommended time of 20 seconds. This must be done after every nappy change, before and after providing the children with any food, after using the bathroom, after coming in from outside and on arrival at the setting.


All staff must remain vigilant with their own personal hygiene at all times.


There is a PPE pack ready in both settings to be used only in case of a suspected coronavirus situation. This includes an apron, visor and gloves. This will be stored in the office/staff room. This can be used at your personal discretion.(*)


If a child or staff member from a particular group has a confirmed case of coronavirus then anyone over the age of 18 that is unvaccinated will be required to self-isolate for 10 days from the day after symptoms starting.


Every group will have a cleaning box in, containing antibacterial spray, cloth and gloves this must be used continually throughout the day. Please continue to be vigilant.


Any member of staff or child presenting with any symptoms related to the coronavirus must inform management as soon as possible and go home and follow all government guidelines.


Fees will be chargeable for the hours that you commit to. If your child is sent home to self-isolate, having shown symptoms of coronavirus, fees will be chargeable at this time.


Any positive staff member that has to self-isolate will be put onto SSP.


Staff…Please if you are feeling unsure, scared, worried or anxious about anything to do with this policy or working at the moment do not hesitate to see Sarah or one of your managers. We are here to help you and want you to be safe and happy at work. We are here to talk through any concerns that you may have.


(*)The children can now go on outings; they must be risk assessed before going. The outings can be inside or out however please do not go to crowded spaces. If possible, please notify the destination before going.