Please find below information for staff and parents on the health and safety practices directly concerned with coronavirus. Our health and safety policy and all other policies remain in place this is an extra additional document to complement the existing policy, whilst we are working within the coronavirus situation.


Gloves are available for you to use as and when you need them. They must be used at all nappy changes and when dealing with a suspected case of Coronavirus.


Hand sanitiser is available throughout the setting please use as and when you feel you need to at least every couple of hours.

Please wash your hands very regularly using hot water and soap for the recommended time of 20 seconds. This must be done after every nappy change, after every drop-off and collection, before and after providing the children with any food, after using the bathroom, after coming in from outside and on arrival at the setting.


All staff must remain vigilant with their own personal hygiene at all times.


Only very brief conversations must be held with parents at drop-off and collection is as this will be a very busy time. If you would like to speak to your parents or they would like to speak to you, they must arrange to do this via telephone calls.


If a parent would like to speak to a manager, the manager must wear a visor which is available in the office.


Any adult other than those providing childcare to the children will be allowed on the premises during opening hours only if they are wearing a mask.


There is a PPE pack ready in both settings to be used only in case of a suspected coronavirus situation. This includes an apron, visor and gloves. This will be stored in the office.

If a child has symptoms of the coronavirus they must be taken into the designated room. One member of staff must remain with the child using the PPE provided and await the parents. The room must be cleaned once a child has left. The PPE must also be cleaned and replaced back into the pack for any future requirements.

As long as all precautions are taken, and the PPE has been used, the staff member will not need to go home.


*If a child or staff member from a particular group has a confirmed case of coronavirus then all other members of that group staff and children will be required to self-isolate for 10 days from the day after symptoms starting.


All equipment that is used by the children in shared spaces must be deep cleaned after use.


All staff are responsible for housekeeping responsibilities. This role will include supporting practitioners in their groups, cleaning door handles, cleaning the bathrooms, cleaning equipment after use, ensuring resources are kept topped up and any other housekeeping requirement during the day. Managers to oversee.


All cleaning materials that we used previous to the coronavirus situation will still be in place and will be used for the same reasons. We will also have bleach (when the children have gone home and in non-childcare spaces only) and antibacterial spray.


The cleaning procedures throughout the day will be as follows: The closing staff will ensure every single piece of equipment, flooring, door handles, light switches, surfaces, windows and every other area will be absolutely pristine and clean before leaving.

We are trying to provide a sterile as much as possible environment for children and staff so this must be 100%.

Throughout the day staff will be responsible for maintaining the cleanliness in their room.

Every group will have a cleaning box in, containing antibacterial spray, cloth and gloves this must be used continually throughout the day.


Drinks cups for the children must be kept out of reach and offered regularly through the day.


All food given to the children must be done in your room. And only in your group. Lunchboxes must be provided for the children, please try not to handle the children’s food, we will provide breakfast and snack in the afternoon for them.

There will be no tea as the children will be leaving at 5 pm. Afternoon snack will now be at 3pm.


All possessions belonging to the children must go with them to the group. And remain in the group until they go home. Possessions must be brought at the beginning of the week, spare clothes and nappies. So drop offs only involve the children.


ALL diaries will be shared weekly.


The changing rooms will be used as normal. Please ensure all surfaces that are used or touched by yourself or the children are sprayed down with antibacterial cleaner after use. Please ensure you wear the correct PPE as previously used. Wash hands for 20seconds after each change. 


Any member of staff or child presenting with any symptoms related to the coronavirus must inform management as soon as possible and go home and self-isolate. Following all government guidelines.


Children will only be able to attend Kiddywinks if this is their only setting. Unless in a vital situation agreed only with the managers and Sarah.  If you are attending multiple settings, you may not be able to attend Kiddywinks. Siblings must go home if one or the other has symptoms and must self-isolate for the 14 day period. We MUST be notified if there is a case in your second setting. Fees will still remain chargeable if you are having to self-isolate from your second setting. This agreement could change at any time.


Fees will be chargeable for the hours that you commit to. If your child is sent home to self-isolate, having shown symptoms of coronavirus fees will be chargeable at this time. If a child in your child’s group has to self-isolate as they have a confirmed case of coronavirus you will be asked to self-isolate also.


Any positive staff member that has to self-isolate will be put onto SSP.


Any children needing a sleep during their time at Kiddywinks will sleep in their new zone. Cots or beds can be provided. Separate bedding will be used for each child. I will be stored in a labelled bag between uses.


Only one parent is permitted in the fenced area in front of the nursery to drop off and collect their child. Please make this transition is as quick as possible as this will be a very busy time for everyone involved. When queueing outside to come into the fenced area please maintain a 2 m distance away from any other family waiting to drop off or collect their child.


Staff will prioritise parents children leaving at drop off and collection times to ensure a smooth transition.


All children must wash their hands-on arrival at the nursery.


Please try to keep as many windows open as possible to ensure adequate ventilation at all times.


If possible, Staff must bring all their own food this must be stored with their possessions in staffroom until it is required. Staff will be able to make hot drinks throughout the day. Just please make sure your hands are washed prior and all equipment used is washed and replaced after use.


*All pregnant staff must inform Sarah or the management team as soon as possible to ensure that we can adequately protect them and ensure that they have read and signed the Pregnancy policy/ Risk assessment.


*Staff…Please if you are feeling unsure, scared, worried or anxious about anything to do with this policy or working at the moment do not hesitate to see Sarah or one of your managers. We are here to help you and want you to be safe and happy at work. We are here to talk through any concerns that you may have.


*Malleable materials can now be used but kept in their groups. If possible, in individual bags. Hands must be washed before and after use.


*The children can now go on outings; they must be risk assessed first. You must be able to keep 2 meters from any member of the public and must not go to crowded spaces. Only small groups to go out. All outings must be to open OUTDOOR sites.


This is now version 4 Updated on the 4th January 2021.