Home Visits

Home visits will take place when a new family has enrolled with us. The owner / manager and the child’s Kiddylink will go to the families home to meet and carry out the paperwork and meet the family before the child starts with us.  A development folder will also be taken for the parents too look at to see how we carry out observations and next steps. The home visit is a positive way which we can get to know the family in a relaxed environment. The home visits will allows us to find out information without the family being judged. The home visits are also the opportunity for the parents to ask any questions they need as well as asking for advice. The home visits are the start of Kiddywinks building a good relationship with the family which will also allow them to feel confident about trusting their child into our care.  If for any reason a home visit can’t take place at the family home the meeting can take place at Kiddywinks we will do everything to put the family at ease.


When going on a home visits staff will leave the address of where they are going and the time of the meeting with the administrator or the responsible person of the day. The staff must take a mobile phone with them. When staff our at the homes visit they are representing Kiddywinks and all that its offers so are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner.