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Parent nursery agreement

This agreement forms a legally binding contract between (1) Parent and (2) Kiddywinks, along with Kiddywinks policies and procedures and booking forms. It will be annually reviewed.

The Registration Fee

  • A non-refundable one off payment of £30.00 is payable for registration, booking and insurance fees. This is due alongside your first bill and is valid for all children that attend either, funding with top up or fee paying. Not eligible for children only receiving funded hours. You will receive a bag for your child and a daily/weekly diary.

Fees and Extra

  • Fees are payable monthly in advance. Parents will be provided with a detailed monthly invoice.

  • A minimum of 8 hours attendance per week is required. This may be spread over two four hour session bookings.   

  • Full fees are payable to cover child sickness.

  • During the Christmas period, depending on demand there may be a reduced service, 50% of your normal contracted fees for these days will be charged.

  • Our Bank Holiday opening times are 0900-1600.

  • Fees will be increased once a year, but the right is reserved to increase fees with one months notice and without any other terms and conditions being affected.

  • By whom payable – fees are payable by each person who has signed the registration form either individually or severally and/or by any person who has from time to time accepted responsibility for the child or has in fact paid fees in respect of the child.

  • Non payment- We reserve the right to cancel a child’s registration without notice when fees are unpaid within the specific time scales.

  • Any extra fees payable, late collections etc. For which you agree, shall be deemed to be supplemental to items met by fees and will be invoiced for accordingly.

  • Closure of Kiddywinks due to illness, epidemic or other circumstances beyond the control of Kiddywinks, having explored every avenue to remain open, will not give rise to reimbursement of fees paid.

  • Any extra hours that are booked on top of contracts will be charged at the normal rate.

  • The hourly rate at this time is_____£5.70/£5.50____ per hour.

  • Changing of your contract, hours, days or giving notice.

  • Required notice- you must in every case give a full four weeks’ notice in writing to the management of Kiddywinks or pay four weeks fees in lieu of notice.

  • Fees in lieu of notice are a debt and Kiddywinks will not be required to mitigate its loss or give credit for any mitigation or for the fact that the place is subsequently filled.

  • In respect of any changes to your contract you are required to give at least four weeks’ notice when a change is required. Recovery of unpaid fees

  • The right is reserved to charge interest at 8% over the prevailing base rate for each day the fees are overdue, as this figure is in line with current legislation it is the recognised amount used when recovering debt.

  • All cost incurred by the collection of unpaid fees including our administrative costs and disbursements paid to solicitors acting on behalf of Kiddywinks shall be recoverable in full.

  • Special circumstances

  • Any court order restricting contact with a child or other relevant information must be passed to the management of Kiddywinks in writing or in case of emergency by personal visit.

  • Medical supervision- The management of Kiddywinks must be notified immediately of any existence or new medical condition or of any known learning difficulties of a child for which particular medical supervision or extra support is, or may be in the near future required.

  • A late charge or early drop off charge of £15 will be charged if you are late/early. Please phone the nursery if you will be late and if we try and facilitate this. If this is a one of this will be charged at the hourly rate. If however we have no notification a late charge will be added at the managers discretion.

  • Insurance

  • Personal Property of Children – You are advised that anything brought into Kiddywinks is done so at your own risk.  Kiddywinks will not be held responsible for any breakages, damage or loss.

  • Everything that is brought in to nursery must be named, including coats, shoes, all clothes and toys.

  • Kiddywinks Childcare holds comprehensive public liability cover, providing full cover and peace of mind for all of your child’s care.

  • General

  • Kiddywinks may in its absolute discretion and without notice vary any or all of these terms and conditions from time to time.

  • You consent to our supplying information and references in respect of your child to any educational/health institution which you propose your child may attend.  Any reference supplied by us will be confidential.  We will take care to ensure that all information that is supplied relating to your child is accurate and any opinion given on his/her ability and character is fair.  However we cannot be liable for any loss you or your child is alleged to have suffered resulting from a reference or report given by us.

  • Kiddywinks will always endeavor to provide you with information regarding your child’s development and as part of your agreement with Kiddywinks you should always do the same.

  • Travel – please be aware as an environmentally friendly company we request, if at all possible, that you bring your children to Nursery in the first instance by public transport, car share, bicycle or to walk to us.

  • Due to the free flow approach we have, your child possibly will come into contact with toys and equipment that according to the manufactures guidelines may not be suitable for their ages. We use very little conventional equipment, using much more natural resources. To counteract this we have higher than normal supervision levels.

  • Holidays

  • Non funded children are entitled to take four weeks holiday pro rata throughout the year and a discounted rate of 50% normal contracted fees will be payable. I.e. if your child attends 5 days a week = 20 days holiday, if your child attends 3 days a week =12 days holiday.

  • Dates of holidays must be given to the management of Kiddywinks with 4 weeks’ notice.  Any holiday taken over the four week entitlement will be charged at the full weekly contract rate.


  • Early years funding

  • Absence, either holidays or sickness must be put in writing.

  • When in receipt of government funding, invoices are worked out individually per child, always removing the correct amount of funding. There is no hourly rate chargeable for fully funded children unless they pay top-up.

  • However, the fee due will be for the month attended, any extra hours attended on top of the child’s contracted hours will be charged at the current hourly rate.


  • Children receiving the early years funding can take holiday. Time scales and dates are flexible and there is a two week limit for holidays taken during term time. Therefore all holidays must be agreed in advance with management. Only 50% of top up fees are due during this agreed term time break. Out of term time 50% of term time normal contracted fees will be payable.

  • All fees, holidays, change of hours etc apply as above.



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