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Staff Protection

The staff at Kiddywinks is entitled to work without fear of abuse, be that verbally or physical, from anyone, either a parent or member of a family, from other staff members or from members of the public.


We operate a no tolerance zone and every situation of intimidation or abuse will be dealt with immediately and very seriously.


If any of these people or any other person is seen to be treating a member of Kiddywinks staff in either of these ways, they will immediately be asked to leave the premises and if needed the police would be called and a potential termination of contact.


If a member of the public is in the building for any reason, at any time I would like all of the staff to be aware of their presence and to be ready to offer any assistance if required. Make yourselves known to the visitor by greeting them, so they are aware that there is other staff here to support the member that is dealing with them directly.


The police will be contacted and any relevant charges will be brought against any person or persons inflicting any sort of abuse against any staff at Kiddywinks. These situations will be dealt with in a very serious manner and Sarah’s support as the owner of the company will be there at all times for the staff member.

If a staff member has to be dismissed due to a confirmed allegation regarding the protection and safeguarding of children, OFSTED and the LADO will be notified straight away.


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