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Behaviour Management

Kiddywinks nursery adheres very strongly to its behavior management policy and works alongside it at all times. We provide an excellent standard of care both to the children and their parents/guardians. We always recognise the need for appropriate and reasonably set limits and boundaries to help maintain and manage the behavior of the children in our care.


We will not under any circumstance administer physical punishment or any other form of punishment.


We will not speak to a child in any manner that may cause the child to feel hurt or humiliated.


We endorse positive discipline and consequence as a way of helping and assisting children reach the limits and boundaries we have set for them.


We endorse strongly that all children must be treated equally and fairly.


We are aware of the need to constantly support all children with their emotional development and use ‘Thrive’ principles to ensure a consistent approach to this support.



Positive discipline means:


Rewarding good behavior is constructive and does encourage further effort and therefore more good behavior.


Encourage self-discipline and respect for others. Children need to grow into people who behave well even if there is no one to guide them.


Setting realistic stage appropriate limits.


As children grow and develop our expectations of them and their needs are continuously evolving and we all need to be aware of individual needs.


Be a good role model. Children pay more attention to who we are rather than just what we say.


Encouragement in place of orders and instructions, positive discipline means explaining “why”.


Always be consistent, children need to know where they stand. No means No!


Praise and give attention for good behavior, It won’t then need to be ‘seeked’ by misbehaving. Children as we know enjoy attention so let’s make it as positive as possible.



Attention, approval and praise builds self-esteem, a child who feels value is much more likely to behave well. Shaming, scolding, hurting and humiliating children can lead to worse behavior.


Always try to use some form of distraction, to avoid unwanted behavior.


Our behavior management policy extends throughout the nursery, from parents involvement to staff boundaries. If any of the points listed above are ever witnessed happening in our nursery then disciplinary action will be taken immediately.


If a child requires more intervention with their behavior and struggles consistently with their own emotional support that negatively impacts on theirs and others safety then our behavior management policy will be implemented. We also have a holding policy for use in extreme circumstances and would require a meeting with the parent/carer and their signature in advance of being implemented.


All Kiddylinks must keep the SENCo involved of any repeated behaviour that is proving to be negative and difficult to manage, so the parents can be constantly updated and informed (either by the Kiddylink or the SENCo).


The SENDco will then communicate with outside agencies and arrange any relevant TAF meetings to support, the family. The Kiddylink and SENDco would assist in completing a Thrive assessment if needed. Right for Children will be used if various outside agencies are involved. An ABCC chart may also be used if the child requires it to help gain more understanding in the child’s behavioural patterns.


A ‘I AM CHART’ may also be used to support staff in understanding different behaviours and the child’s likes and dislikes.


If any staff require any extra support or advice during this process, please see the Manager or the SENCo at any time. If you feel that you are unable to provide the child with the best possible care or that a different Kiddylink would be appropriate, then please let us know. This will be challenging and difficult at times, but support is here for you. We need to ensure the children’s needs are at the forefront of everything we do. And that their emotional development is supported in the best way for the individual child.

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