Testimonials from parents and children who have attended Kiddywinks throughout the last  12 years.



Kiddywinks is a fantastic nursery with extremely compassionate and caring staff. As a first time mum, returning to work and letting someone else take care of my daughter was a daunting task. However all the staff at Kiddywinks have been great, they allowed us flexibility of phasing in, making the transition back to work much easier. We love the ethos of the nursery and the great outdoors space, and they have been extremely flexible to accommodate changing work commitments. Staff have been so reassuring and caring and my daughter absolutely loves her days at nursery and we would highly recommend the nursery to everyone. 


2 years old, Barnstaple

While playing in the garden; a member of staff asked Charlotte if she had any siblings, Charlotte said; yes they are all down there. (referring to the children playing in the garden) 

Caroline and Mike


Kiddywinks is a wonderful nursery with very personable, dedicated and caring staff. Our daughter has learnt so much and her confidence is developing daily since attending the nursery.

It’s the extra quality care that the nursery provides that makes it a special place. Such as when you arrive to collect your child the staff make time to tell you the little details about your child’s day – who they may have played with, new skills they have learnt and simply just the kind of day they have had.

Through the staff’s guidance and structured activities we have watched the confidence grow and important social skills develop in our daughter that she will need, in particular, as she progresses through schooling life.

We cannot thank the staff enough for the wonderful experience they have provided for our daughter and are so greatful for the care she has reviewed. We would 100% reccomend this nursery to anyone who is looking for an outstanding environment for their children to attend. We will definatley be getting our baby in the nursery next year when I return to work after maternity leave and will be sorry to see our oldest leave to start school.

Kiddywinks has a fantastic garden for all the children to play and enjoy the outdoors. As well as a wonderful inside area with lots of activity's to keep the children entertained. My daughter particularly enjoys all the adventures they go on such as walks to the woods or the park. She comes home with such excitement in her voice and tells me stories of where they have been. Only yesterday she was full of enjoyment because they walked to the local garden centre and brought magic beans to plant in their wonderful nursery garden, the other week It was a trip to the museum there is always something new and exciting and it's so nice to hear how much she loves going to the nursery and hearing what a wonderful time she has whilst shes there.


Mother of 2, South Molton

Kiddywinks has been the perfect choice for us as working parents.  The close relationship our children have with their Kiddylinks has been such an important part of their lives and development.  We have also appreciated the flexibility required at times to accommodate extra work commitments.



I love the ethos of the setting. They are a truly child centred nursery who put the children's needs and interests first. I like the big garden and appreciate how much access the children have to outdoor play. The staff are very good at supporting the emotional needs of the children and will go the extra mile to make each child and parent happy.


November 2017

Henley has come one so much since starting at Kiddywinks last year,  his speech and language is amazing he came here saying very little and was not great being away from us or socialising with other children, he’s become a lot more confident and sociable since coming here, I can not praise this nursery enough for all they done with my son, he eats so many new foods and he loves going to nursery and loves all the staff that work with him. We are going to be very sad when he leaves in December to go to the school nursery in January, however I will be sending my youngest daughter here next year and I know she will thrive and have lots of fun just as Henley has. I would definitely recommend Kiddywinks to family and friends it’s a brilliant nursery and really is something a little bit different which is what makes it stand out from all the rest. 


Mother of 2, South Molton

Kiddywinks Nursery is fantastic, both my children have attended this nursery and had loved it.
My daughter Sophie has medical needs at times, and needs close monitoring,they are amazing at handovers, very thorough, my daughter gets her medications on time and good records are kept. I feel its a safe nurturing environment, I love that my children are not kept in all day they go outside have trips out and have lots of fun. The Staff are brilliant . Melissa, the Manager at Kiddywinks is very lovely, Amy is fab, and our Kiddylink Rhiannon has a way with Sophie and it's lovely to see, Katie is super and all the team of staff are friendly.approachable.



South Molton

I was recommended Kiddywinks by a friend and after searching for a nursery for my twins I'm so glad I found them. Every time my twins come home they are happy, well fed and have had loads of fun. I can't wait to see how they grow, develop and continue to explore everything Kiddywinks has to offer. The staff at South Molton are fantastic for the twins and for us parents. I'd highly recommend them!


Mother of 2, Barnstaple

River love's her days at Kiddywinks. She loves to play outside in the sandpit, and getting very messy with paint. They have a fantastic team who interact amazingly with all the children.



My daughter started at Kiddywinks nearly two years ago and she absolutely loves it there. The staff have helped develop her by helping her learn to walk and she has come on leaps and bounds with her speech. She is so sociable because of the environment they give the children. My daughter has a wonderful sense of adventure because of how the nursery is as a setting. I love that I leave with my daughter having a huge smile and she isn't upset that I'm leaving and when I return she still has a huge smile. The staff here are very supportive and my daughter loves each and every one of them. .



Kiddywinks is a fab place for little ones! My daughter absolutely loves it! The garden area is by far her favourite place, especially the sandpit! Whenever I ask her about her day, she always says she's been in the sandpit! Communication with her Kiddylink Debbie is brilliant, she knows everything about her, how to comfort her when she's upset and how to encourage her. All the staff are great and friendly and have loads of love for the children in their care.


Mother of 2, South Molton

We have been using Kiddywinks for several years and have a new baby who shall be starting shortly. The nursery provides a happy, caring environment that means our children are happy to go for days that can be up to ten hours long.  The informal environment provides a home like atmosphere where they have lots of fun and have made good friends both with other children and the nursery carers. 


South Molton

Kiddywinks nursery is unlike any other nursery I have seen, it has a very happy atmosphere. The staff are welcoming and lovely and the children are very well looked after. I would happily allow my children to go to this nursery. My daughter loves it so much, that I have transferred her over.

I can hand on heart say it's a safe, warming, relaxed setting for all children. The little ones are made to feel at home and are in the safest of hands. This nursery and all staff involved are 100 percent dedicated to your children and respect your wishes, every opinion is valued whether that be of a parent or child. ❤️

Kayleigh, Mother of 2

South Molton

I would just like to say that my twins absolutely love kiddywinks! It's nice to know that they are being well looked after in a very caring environment. Both of our children have a fantastic bond with their kiddlinks which is a testimony in itself.


1st June 2017

I cannot recommend Kiddywinks enough. They are an excellent home to home setting. My son settled in straight away and absolutely loves coming to Kiddywinks. The staff form amazing bonds not only with the children but the parents as well. They understand how you feel as a parent and are always there to talk to. My son has grown so much in confidence since being at Kiddywinks. It is so lovely being able to drop my son off without any worries, knowing that he will be happy and well cared for. All of the staff are lovely. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Kiddywinks to anyone.


24th March 2017

Whilst i may occasionally moan about lost socks or painty clothes, Kiddywinks provides our children with the loving and supportive environment that our children need and i wouldn't have it any other way. Thank you to each and every one of you at Kiddywinks.


Aged 4, South Molton

I really liked playing with all my friends at nursery my very bestest teacher was Sam. I really like the lunches. AND I REALLY WANT TO GO BACK.

Karli, Mother of 3

South Molton

When I moved to the area I was looking for a friendly, caring, spacious nursery for my 2 young children. I looked at all the nurseries in the area and out of them. Kiddywinks was by far the best, it had everything I wanted for my children and more. The staff were very welcoming and love to see the children grow and progress. I've NEVER had an issue with the staff or the nursery. The staff liked me to tell them from the very first day what my children liked/didn't like and what I would like for my Children. My children went in nursery with the biggest smiles and came out with the biggest smiles. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Lily-May and Lettie

Age 3 Barnstaple

I like the toys and chalk, flowers and reading books. I like Kayley the best.


Age 3 Barnstaple

I love playing with the trains and the cars and playing with my friends.

Dylan and Rafe

Aged 7 and 3

I like playing with my friends its so cool and fun for me to go there. Playing outside and that when we are hungry we can eat. We like the sandpit and the tree house. 

Sarah B

18th Feb 2016

My son is 3, has been in the nursery for 6 months and LOVES it. As an experienced primary school teacher, when applying to nurseries I had a list of things I knew I wanted to find. As soon as I walked into Kiddywinks, it ticked nearly everything on the list. The staff are incredible and his kiddylink has made his transition away from family for the first time so smooth and easy with cuddles, quiet chats and constant reassurance. They genuinely have free access to the outside no matter what the weather, have a great range of activities according to age and are encouraged to explore and achieve wherever they are at. Sarah and her amazing team have created a real home-from-home atmosphere and we could not be happier with the care they are providing for our son.

Emily Norman

Daughter 1 year old

Kiddywinks is a fantastic nursery, the best I've ever seen, and my eldest went to quite a few! The different play areas and the freedom my daughter has to move between them means that sometimes she doesn't want to leave! She has formed incredible bonds with the staff, who are incredible and clearly dedicated to their jobs. They are very knowledgeable and always have time to answer questions and give updates as to how my daughter is doing. Sending a child to nursery is always hard, but Kiddiwinks really make it so much easier and I can get on with my job knowing how happy my daughter is and how well cared for she is.

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