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  • Do I get the £40.00 registration fee back if I leave? And what is that for?

No, this is a non refundable fee. It is the admin fee for booking and securing your child’s place at Kiddywinks and the first year’s insurance, you will also receive a Kiddywinks bag and book. There will be no further fee for insurance following this.


  • When do I get my invoice?

You will receive an invoice every calendar month, preferably via e mail. This is issued to you one week before the end of the previous month as fees are due one month in advance, payable by the 7th of the month at the latest. At this time an 8% interest fee will be added.


  • When, how and who should I pay it too?

You can pay it weekly or monthly the choice is yours, you can pay by cash, voucher, cheque or the easiest and most convenient way is by standing order. If you choose to pay by cash or cheque please pay Debbie (Manager), Sarah (Owner) or Kayley (Administrator) only, who will issue you with a receipt. In the event that they are unavailable you can pay the supervisor of the day.


  • What happens if I pay my invoice late?

You are contracted to pay for your child’s fees one month in advance. If you haven’t paid your months invoice in full by the 7th of the current month you will receive an 8% fee. The fee of 8% is of the total amount owing. Following that your child’s place will be cancelled, and any fees owed will be pursued.


  • What should I bring on my child’s first day?

We provide a red Kiddywinks bag and book. If you could name the bag and also bring:

Nappies (or spare pants if old enough)

At least one spare change of clothes (more if toilet training)

One piece of fruit

A juice bottle

(If your little one is tiny, breast milk or age appropriate formula-always pre-measured first please)


  • What is the green book for?

The book is so we can let you know what your little one has been up to and you can write back with anything you think we might like to know – can be used as a timeline of their time with us.


  • What is a Kiddylink?

Your child will be allocated a Kiddylink – this is one of our early year’s practitioners and will remain the same for your child’s time with us. He or she should greet you when you arrive and be ready with your little one on collection; your child and their Kiddylink will have time twice a day to spend together in their small Kiddylink groups on a bug hunt for example or to read a story together. This encourages a friendship and a confidence with that person, this helps a lot when a child may suffer from separation anxiety or is really missing you. Your Kiddylink will endeavour to carry out all care matters.

It is very important that every time you drop your little one off to inform the Kiddylink of the following:

  • Does your little one have any current bruises, nappy rash or injuries?

  • Are they currently on any medication?

  • Let them know of any significant occurrences and achievements so we can celebrate too.


  • What is Reggio Emilia?

The Reggio Emilia Approach is the one we celebrate here at Kiddywinks, it is an educational philosophy focused on preschool and primary education. It was started by Loris Malaguzzi and the parents of the villages around

Reggio Emilia in Italy after World War II. The destruction from the war, parents believed, necessitated a new, quick approach to teaching their children. They felt that it is in the early years of development that children form who they are as individuals. This led to creation of a program based on the principles of respect, responsibility, and community through exploration and discovery in a supportive and enriching environment based on the interests of the children through a self-guided curriculum, with huge impacts on the involvement of parents and the community in all areas of childcare.


  • Who should I talk to about my child’s care or any concerns I have?

In the first instance talk to your Kiddylink, if this does not seem comfortable or does not produce the results you were hoping for please speak to Debbie or Sarah.


  • Who should I talk to about change of hours or my child taking holiday?

Sarah, Debbie and Kayley can help you with this. Please ensure you give us 4 weeks’ notice of the above, in exceptional circumstances we can make these changes quicker so always ask.


  • Who should I talk to regarding my invoice?

If you have a query about your invoice amount or are unsure whether holiday you booked has been removed please speak to Kayley only. Please always check your invoice and if you think it is incorrect please see her straight away.


  • If I lose clothes where should I look?

Ensure all clothes you bring to Kiddywinks have your child’s name in them. If something is lost please check the lost and found box in the reception area and then ask your Kiddylink for help. Socks are the most likely item to go missing as children often take them off and hide them! Check the sock box in the first instance then ask your Kiddylink. Kiddywinks cannot be held responsible for lost clothes.


  • What is the routine - when will my child sleep?

As mentioned in the Reggio section our routine is quite flexible, we do have a rolling snack time at about 10am followed by free flow play and lunch is at 12pm. Free flow play in the gardens follows lunch and afternoon snack is at about 2.30pm followed by a focused time where 0-2 and 3,4,5 split into ages and then an afternoon tea at 4.30pm. Your child sleeps when you want them to, we follow the routine you follow at home as closely as we are able.


  • Late collection or early drop off what happens?

If you arrive more than a few minutes late or early to collect or drop off your child you will be issued with a £15.00 late collection/early drop off fee. If you call and let us know the situation and that you are going to be late or early before the event we might be able to waive the fee. The reason for a fee is a deterrent, our staff rotas are constructed in a way that allows staff to start or end a shift if they are not required in ‘numbers’. Your child staying late or arriving early may mean we are over numbers and not legally allowed to remain open.


  • Are your term times the same as school term times?

No, they follow it closely but are not the same. If your child receives Early Years Funding you will receive a term time poster which gives you our term dates.


  • Who do I contact if I have a complaint?

In the first instance please speak to the Manager, unless the complaint is about the Manager. Then please speak to Sarah the owner. Or if you feel you cannot speak to them please call Ofsted on 0845 601

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