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Child Sickness

If you feel that your child is unwell and needs to spend the day away from Kiddywinks please call and let the setting know at your earliest opportunity.


Fees are chargeable as normal if your child is sick as we will have already arranged the correct number of staff for that day.


If your child has any SICKNESS or DIARRHOEA they are NOT able to come into the setting for 48 hours after their last symptom. This is to protect your child and all of our other children, as well as staff from contracting and spreading bugs. I’m sure you can appreciate that as we look after a very vulnerable group we must ensure this happens.


We will not be able to swap days due to sickness as again staff are arranged in advance to cover planned children on a specific day.


If your child becomes unwell whilst at the setting, we will contact you to come and collect them. They will be sent home after 2 bouts of diarrhoea. Symptoms of Diarrhoea will result in the child going home immediately. If your child is sick they will be sent home. Please ensure that you notify us of any changes in your contact details and those of your other emergency contacts.


If your child seems to unwell to stay when being dropped at the setting, we will ask you to take them home.



Having researched teething and diarrhoea it is suggested repeatedly that there is no medical connection and that children that are teething may just also have a bug or may have put more in their mouths to self sooth, there for being more susceptible to bugs. We will take all diarrhoea incidents separately and if there have been 2 or more symptoms then the child will have to go home.



If this is prescribed by your doctor, we will follow their guidelines on how to manage this.



Absent children

Any child who does not attend must be called within two hours of their scheduled start time. Please try both parents at this time. If you are unable to make contact an email must be sent to them asking for them to make contact and notify us of the reason their child is not coming in. it must also state the procedure for non-notification. If there is still no response, then call again after 48 hours. Again, trying both parents.

Failure again to get through after 48 hours must be then must be reported to the Local authority on 01392 383000 (ask for Melissa Filby)

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