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Equal Opportunities Policy 

EVERY child is welcomed at Kiddywinks, if a child requires extra support in a particular area, then we will endeavor to access any support required. Any adjustments, changes and training will be discussed at nursery visits and will be made accordingly. Kiddywinks nursery believes wholly and works to fulfill this policy at all times. We are strongly committed to incorporate equal opportunities into every aspect of our nursery, and in the everyday care we give our children and their parents.

We will ensure that no one suffers any form of discrimination, abuse, harassment, bullying or torment on the grounds of race, sex, age, disability, appearance, marital status of parents, religious beliefs, parents’ history, sexual orientation, or class.


Treat each child as an individual

Respect all the children in our care and all others. Teach them to recognize their own value and that of others. Encourage their individuality and their own unique potential and personality. They will all be valued and supported.

Respect differences

Children are helped to develop their own self-respect and to respect others in the same way. Any inappropriate attitudes and practices will be challenged.

Avoid stereotyping

The children are given the opportunities to explore, understand and value similarities and the many differences between other people, their cultures and importantly the things others believe in, their religions.

Provide positive images

Let the children have access to a wide range of sources appropriate to the age of the child. That reflects a rich diversity of societies. Display pictures showing how vastly different others can be. Teach respect and value in all children.


Any current vacancies within the nursery either for childcare or staff vacancies will be offered to everyone that shows an interest, in the same way, and decisions to follow will be made fairly and with regards to this policy.


As with Kiddywinks policies, they extend throughout the whole nursery and involve everybody who has any connections with the day to day operations or with anything to do with the children, staff and parents. If any of the points in this or again any of our policies, are breached then disciplinary action will be taken.

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