Sun Cream Policy

At Kiddywinks we recommend a good quality minimum factor 50 sun cream with 4 stars


As it gets hotter the children in the garden must be wearing a hat and sun cream. On hot days sun cream must be applied as soon as the children go outside in the morning. The staff in the garden must monitor the children during the morning and reapply frequently. All children must have sun cream reapplied after lunch and again monitored by garden staff during the afternoon.

Parents must supply Sun cream for their child and given signed permission for us to use it if it is under factor 50.

The sun cream chart must be filled out every time sun cream is applied. You must write the child’s name, time the cream went on and by whom.

It is the outside staff’s responsibility to put sun cream on the children, also to pass on information regarding to all other staff members.


Some children may have to use the spare sun cream but we must have permission before doing so.


A child not having sun cream on is unacceptable and if this happens disciplinary action against members of staff will be taken.


Once only cream

At Kiddywinks we will not accept this as suitable protection for the children. If this type of cream is supplied it will be re applied as often as the normal use cream. Due to the once use creams normally being much more expensive we recommend that you supply normal use cream.


We do not feel that this kind of cream provides adequate protection for children. Having researched it.


No sun Cream

Please tell the manager or the deputy manager of any children who hasn’t got any sun cream immediately.


Bare shoulders.

At Kiddywinks we will not allow children to be outside with bare shoulders or backs, we will make sure that the children have a loose fitting top over these areas. This includes when using the paddling pool.