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"Play is the highest form of research" Albert Einstein

WOWSERS! What an amazing week we have had ! As you can see from the pictures our children have enjoyed experiencing a wealth of opportunities. Some children helped Stacy to make a fantastic den in the garden using twigs and branches that had fallen down in the car-park overnight when we had that very strong wind. Children used scissors and string to strengthen and construct this amazing structure. Fab mark making has been happening in all areas of the nursery we have used pencils, pens , paint , chalk, shaving foam, mud and anything else you could possibly think of that would make a mark. To some it just looks like scribbles, lines and dots on a page but we see that wonder that is early stages of writing ! children must have to have these early stages before they are able to form those letters "Writing for children ia an art itself, and a most interesting one " Enid Blyton

Our tweenines and 3,4,5ers have had a lovely time. The tweenies have been working on their physical skills doing lots of running, jumping, balancing and dancing we even went for a walk to the park using the swings and slide. I think Rachel might have had more fun on the swing than the children. Our older children have enjoyed working on some creative projects devolving and expanding through their own thoughts and findings out. Please come in and have a look at what we have been doing i'm sure your children would love to show of their creations.

I would also like to invite parents to come and have a look at your child's development folders. Please speak to your kiddylinks and take them home, have a look and see how far your amazing children have come while experiencing and appreciating all the wonders the world has to offer at kiddywinks. I went through my own daughters file the other day and it almost brought me to tears I am so happy, delighted and proud to work in such an amazing place that all the staff love the children truly and without that love they wouldn't be able to encourage and offer everything thing we do here. Have a lovely week and see you all soon x x x

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