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"What we learn becomes a part of who we are "

Well what an adventurous time we have been having at kiddywinks ! The weather is changing and and our children are growing (far to fast if you ask me !) We have been enjoying spending time in our forest garden. The children love help keep the weeds at bay and checking our bug hotel

for any new visitors. We did some fantastic junk modelling using a mixture of natural and every objects to create some unique master pieces.

We brought the junk modelling inside where i set the children and staff a little challenge .... to create and make ,working as a team something from our junk. Our children worked fantastically as team making this pretty awesome robot.

Water play has been quite exciting out in the garden the children have enjoyed collecting rain to play in and creating some amazing structures using pipes, jugs, mugs and cups with lots of lovely new language being used . We have been experimenting with things that float and sink letting the children carry out their own experiments testing their own theories and ideas.

As the children have been exploring with water and all things natural we decided to get some new pets ! we decided on fish and some very cool jelly fish ( neither are actually real ) the children helped by setting up the tank, we talked about what the fish might need and we keep them happy and healthy. This in turn has sparked so many opportunities for our children they have been enjoying reading lots of stories about fish and their habitats as well as getting crafty making their own fish using so many lovely bright colours and all things sparkly.

Mark making is such a huge part of our children's day we have lots of spaces and opportunity for our children to do this around the nursery. These early stages of writing are so important to your child's writing journey .


We have made a start to our light project which will intertwine with Christmas which i know all our children and staff are particularly excited about. We have started by looking at shadows , playing with torches in a dark den the Vicky and the children constructed in the creative area. The children then took it upon themselves to ask for the puppets out , acting out stories like the Gruffalo and the three little pigs.We are going to be providing lots of exciting and wonderful experiences for all our children over the next coming months looking closely at light and the effects we can create and discover.If you have any ideas or suggestions or fancy coming and helping out we always love having you just let us know .

Have a fantastic month !

"The wider the range of possibilities we offer children, the more intense will their motivations and the richer the experiences. We must widen the range of topics and goals, the types of situations we offer and the degree of structure, the kids and combinations of the resources and materials, and the possible interactions with the things, peers and adults." Loris Malaguzzi

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