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Play is often talked about as if were a relief from learning but for children, play is serious learn

Wowzers! What an amazing couple of months we have had ! Our children have been so busy exploring and discovering around the nursery it has been so lovely to watch.

We have been going on lots of walks around our local area the children have loved getting out and about we have visited St johns garden centre , the children loved learning about the plants and the animals in Jungle land! We have also had a lot of interest in fish recently as we have a new friend in the lounge called Kevin - Please come and see him to find out what sort of animal we have .

There have been lots of visits to the local woods finding lots of natural resources for our snug we even found a den which our older children enjoyed climbing in and out !

We have started something new in the creative area , we are choosing an artist and following the same theme until the children have lost interest. In these last few months we have been looking at the artist Jackson pollark who created some fantastic pieces using the flicking technique. We have we been creating on a whole new level! The children have enjoyed exploring, flicking, slopping, sploshing ,creating,mixing,sculpting, snipping, Gluing, Sticking, enjoying and communicating all things art ! We are all about the process of art rather than the finished product although the finished products are coming out looking quite amazing !

We have had a little visitor in nursery recently Lola the lamb. One of our staff members has had a lamb come early on her farm so we had a friend come and stay in the warm which the children were so exited by! We helped care for Lola, feeding her milk in her bottle and letting her have a bit of exercise in our garden .This instilled lots of play surrounding sheep, lambs and farm animals as well as what people do outside nursery as I'm sure some of the children think we all live at nursery! ?

You can tell the weather has started getting milder as the children are venturing out into the garden more now ! We are so lucky to have such an amazing outside space to really get those bodies moving and hearts working ! We have been working on evolving our garden spending time creating an awesome mud pie kitchen which will soon be finished, We have a new sensory path with lots of things to touch smell and soon taste! If any parent of visitors have any herbs or plants that they wish to donate please do so as we are always trying to keep our garden alive and bee friendly ! We also have a nature trail just created by Debbie who has done an amazing job. If you haven't yet seen our garden please please please come and have a look !. We are always looking for any green fingered volunteers so if you want to come help out and help teach our children how to look after our garden please speak to Hannah or Debbie .

In 3,4,5 time we had our fire pit out ,we have been talking to the children about safety and what we must do ... they are amazing !!! You should all be so proud as they were able to tell us exactly what we should do and how we should do it with out any prompting ! One child also told us that if you see a fire that you must call 999 and give your name age and address , these children are growing us so fast .....where have our little babies gone ?

We have been working hard still looking at safety while working with tools . The children loved using our cordless drills, hammers and screwdrivers while taking things apart which the children took grate delight in till they were able to see all the wires, nuts and bolts that hold things together. The children were amazingly safe telling the adults all the rules you have for when you are using "REAL" tools .

"Children need the freedom to appreciate the infinite resources of their hands , their eyes and their ears. The resources of forms , materials, sounds and colours!

Loris Malaguzzi

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